We love and aim to be where life happens, directly on spot. Our anthropologists make a direct connection to people, listen to their needs and observe them in their natural, real world context. We are both analytical and full of empathy, science based, yet human centered. We are able to notice the nuances that shape human behaviour and influence our decision making. We’re trained to dig deep into opinions, beliefs, attitudes, values and norms.

Only data and numbers aren’t sufficient for explaining peoples’ choices and the motifs behind; what makes them tick, intrigued or angry. Our expertise lies in answering to the questions “why?” and “how?”

Are you currently kickstarting an organisation or business, planning to grow professionally or need an insight for beginning with a new project? We are here to create opportunities for you to ask the right questions and receive direct feedback from your target groups.

Our research brings you the user experience of a certain product or service. It helps you map your target groups, design products and services, change organisational and workplace culture, and provides useful information for communication and marketing.

We use a variety of ethnographic and qualitative methods such as in-depth interviews, participant observation, shadowing, photo- and videovoice, netnography.

Besides conducting research in Estonian, we can offer our services in Russian and English.