We in the Center for Applied Anthropology of Estonia (CAAE) attribute importance to both the analytical and phenomenological perspective in conducting the research and analysing the data. The research conducted by CAAE is always preceded by a thorough examination of the field which allows presenting the data according to the context.


The Center for Applied Anthropology of Estonia is open-minded. Curiosity keeps us learning, improving and seeking for the best solutions. We are eager to collaborate and always adapt our offers to the requirements of the customer.


Social responsibility for both the partners as well as informants is held in the highest regard in the Center for Applied Anthropology of Estonia. Our researches are based on mutual understanding and empathy but also honesty and trust.

Qualitative Research

We were very satisfied with the contribution of the The Center for Applied Anthropology into this project and most certainly plan to co-operate in the future as well. The insight that rose out of the in-depth interviews carried out by anthropologists provided such a thorough and invaluable insight into this sector.

We, ourselves, have conducted interviews in the past as well, but we must admit that we have not been able to open up such a nuanced understanding of a group’s culture and behaviour. Therefore, whenever similar needs arise in our future projects, we most certainly plan to engage The Center’s anthropologists again.

Laura Aaben Praxis
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